Envirco Product Overview

Fan Filter Units

MAC 10® Series of Fan Filter Units

While used for a variety of critical clean air applications, the MAC 10® line of Fan Filter Units (FFUs) are ideal cleanroom solutions for the worldwide industrial market. The FFU design — a fan, motor, and filtration system all in a single unit — draws air into the unit via the filtration system and exhausts it across the filter face, supplying particle-free, unidirectional airflow to the room. Renowned for their ease of installation and operation, the MAC 10® line of FFUs offer low energy consumption, low sound levels and a low profile.
Note: The MAC 10 LE-DC models offer industry leading low energy consumption levels.

» MAC 10® LE-DC: Low Energy, Low Sound, Low Profile Fan Filter Unit
» MAC 10® Original: Low Energy, Low Sound, Low Profile Fan Filter Unit
» MAC 10® IQ: Low Energy, Low Sound, Low Profile Fan Filter Unit
» MAC 10® Control Systems
» MAC 10® Universal Control Card

Ducted Ceiling Modules

DCM Series of Ducted Ceiling Modules

The Ducted Ceiling Module from Envirco is a terminal filter for use in standard T-bar drop ceiling systems, used in cleanrooms with centralized air. It is lightweight and easy to install. Designed as a fully disposable unit, the Ducted Ceiling Module is inexpensive and easily replaceable. These units are available in standard and room side replaceable models.

» DCM: Ducted Ceiling Module

Infection Control

Hospi-Gard Filtration for Negative Pressure

Envirco’s Hospi-Gard® line offers a variety of airborne infection control products for patient rooms and clinics. The IsoClean® and AirCeil® air filtration systems create low-cost, negative pressure isolation rooms to help contain and minimize the spread of airborne viruses and disease. These same systems can also be used as recirculating air systems. All Envirco Hospi-Gard® Airborne Infection Control Products meet OSHA and CDC TB guidelines for negative pressure isolation rooms.
» Hospi-Gard IsoClean
» Hospi-Gard IsoClean CM
» Hospi-Gard AirCeil